Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Organize Your Closet / the Grove at Cambridge, Surrey Town Homes

A few ways to Get Organized:

Storage is always a big concern when moving into a new space.
So I thought I would post a few suggestions that anyone could do in any closet.
On a budget - no problem,
all the products I have used are readily available with a minimal cost.

Access your needs.

Do you need Long Hang & Short Hang?
Do you require Shelves for folded clothes?
Do you need Drawers for Small Items ?
Do you need to store Clothing that is not required year round?

Start with a clean closet at the Grove at Cambridge

Assemble and hang the Rod for your Short Hanging Items.
- this rod can be easily lengthened,
making it convenient as your clothing needs change throughout the year.

Hang the Shoe Organizer and convenient Shelf Organizer with Drawers -
look for Hanging Organizers with sturdy shelves.
The ones I've used have hard plastic shelves that provide great support
for all of your folded items & a smooth surface to easily slide the Canvas Drawer. 

Add pretty Baskets to keep things tidy . .
and storage boxes for those seasonal pieces.
And don't forget Hooks - I find them an easy solution for 
favorite items such as a scarf, or cozy sweater.

The convenient Shelf Organizer provides a place to fold your sweaters and tees . .
the Drawers are great for those smaller items such as socks & accessories.

The beauty of this type of closet Organization is that No Tools were needed.
It also allows you to easily change how your Closet works for you -
making it convenient as your clothing needs change throughout the year.

Where to Buy the accessories I used in this post:
TARGET - Hanging Organizers
HomeSense - Wire Baskets
IKEA - Wood Hangers, Black Box with Lid
Great Canadian SuperStore - Large Storage Boxes with Lids, Canvas Camera Tote

Have Fun Organizing, 

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